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Watercolor Paints

Hello! I'm Heather Warren.

I've been making art since I was a small child. I believe in bold strokes and small moments. I guess you could say I am a "stop and smell the roses" kind of lady who naturally notices things that should be uniquely and originally documented through visual art. If you have the ability to make art, I believe you can make it out of anything. My favorite mediums include but aren't limited to acrylics, oils, watercolors + ink, pen and pencil.


I studied the arts at Temple University's School of Film, Theatre & Media Arts and abroad through Boston University's London Program. In addition to being a visual artist, I am also an on-camera actress + voice over artist who is a member of the Screen Actors Guild [SAG-AFTRA], so I am especially experienced in communicating and entertaining.


You can purchase original paintings, drawings and illustrations by yours truly directly by reaching out or at my Etsy shop:  While I have many existing works for sale, I also take on special projects and commissions, so please feel free to contact me on the contact page here to tell me what you're dreaming up! I'd love to help make it a reality.

With this site, I wanted to create a new space online for people to view my art without necessarily having to go anywhere. I enjoy traveling especially for live works at weddings and other events. I also have a studio in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and upon discussing what you are looking for, I can also work from photographs and my imagination to create it here for you.


If you would like to see my work on exhibit, I have some showing at Trinity Studio & Gallery on Bogart Court in Scranton, PA. I am currently serving as the head illustrator for a new online bookstore called Into Your Imagination. For new works and behind-the-scenes content, be sure to follow @artbyheatherwarren on Instagram. My personal account there is: @heatherewarren

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